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5 Steps To Get Your Music Heard

  1. Create The Best Possible Music

The first step to get your music heard is making a professional song. Everyone has their own preferences in music but all music should have a proper mix and master. Invest in a proper mix and master for your music. This small step will already set you apart from the millions of other artists creating music.

  1. Playlists

Artists should be submitting your music to be placed on playlists on all streaming platforms. Some digital streaming platforms even let you submit directly to them such as Spotify.
But that’s not the only way to get your songs on playlists. One of the best ways is to try and find playlists within your songs niche. For example, if your track has a trap-soul vibe, you could search for and reach out to curators of trap-soul playlists. You would be surprised by how much playlist placements can help your overall plays and brand recognition.

  1. Networking

As an artist, you have to get out into the real world and meet other people in the music industry. But always try to remember, quality over quantity. It’s not about how many people you know, it’s about who you know. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can change your life.

  1. Social Media

Don’t spam your links on social media. Instead, figure out what you’re good at. Are you witty with words? Focus on building your Twitter. Do you have amazing visuals? Focus on Instagram posts. Prefer to speak to your audience? Use Instagram live. Are you a great dancer? Post TikTok videos. Figure out what social media platform is the best for you and narrow down your focus.

  1. Consistency

This is the biggest reason why most artists fail. Consistency isn’t just about posting frequently or releasing new songs. You have to make sure you are consistently releasing excellent music. Every track you release should have the potential to be “the one”. Also, make sure you never skip any steps in the process. Be sure to get your song mixed, get your track mastered & purchase professional cover art for every release. Put out quality, consistently. That gives you the best chance to get your music heard.

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